Amey Lewis

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Amey Lewis

Lewis Family 2022

I am your child or children's Physical Education Teacher at Wasena Elementary School or Fishburn Park Elementary School.  I am beginning my seventeenth with Roanoke City Public Schools, however, this is beginning my twentieth second year overall.  I currently reside in Cloverdale with my husband Jeff of eighteen years and our 15 year old son Harper.  He is a Sophomore at Lord Botetourt High School in Botetourt County.  I love teaching Physical Education and am passionate about teaching children how to exercise, eat properly and taking care of their bodies.

It is very important that your child wear appropriate clothing including tennis shoes, while participating Physical Education.  Your child can always bring tennis shoes to school with them, in case, they choose to wear other shoes to school. Also, if your child is injured or sick and you feel they will not be able to participate in PE, please send a note or a copy of doctor's note to school.  The classroom teacher can forward this information to myself and the school nurse.  Please feel free to contact me by email at
[email protected] or call the school (Wasena 540-853-2914 or Fishburn Park 540-853-2931).


8:00-8:40      2nd grade- Yopp
8:45-9:25      PLAN
9:30-10:10    1st grade- Bousch
10:15-10:55  Kindergarten- Nicholas
12:45-1:25    3rd grade- Futrell
1:35-2:15      4th grade- Clary

8:00-8:40      2nd grade- Nimmo
8:45-9:25      5th grade- Hill
9:30-10:10    1st grade- Dowdy
10:15-10:55  Kindergarten- Campbell
12:45-1:25    3rd grade- Gibson
1:35-2:15      4th grade- Barnes

Friday AMs
8:45-9:15      Preschool- Huff
9:30-10:00   Preschool- Streitzel 


7:55-8:35      5th grade- Lawson
9:15-9:55      4th grade- Burgess
10:00-10:40  3rd grade- Overstreet
10:45-11:15  Preschool- Ruble
12:00-12:40  Kindergarten- Johnson
12:45-1:25    1st grade- Richards
1:30-2:10      2nd grade- Nixon

7:55-8:35      5th grade- Gilreath
9:15-9:55      4th grade- Borling MD- Jennings
10:00-10:40  3rd grade- Bennett
10:45-11:15  Preschool- Newsome
12:00-12:40  Kindergarten- Cooper MD- Trinkle
12:45-1:25    1st grade- Linkous
1:30-2:10      2nd grade- Hosey

Friday PMs
10:45-11:15  Preschool- Veinote
12:00-12:30  Preschool- Maddox