Weekly Homework

Ms. Futrell's Weekly Homework

Students will be responsible for completing homework every night except Friday. There might be exceptions on occasion, but it will be communicated on weekly planner sheets. Students will have spelling and reading homework nightly. Spelling should be completed in their spelling composition books. Their words for the week will be written on the weekly planner. Reading homework will be to read 20 minutes each night.

Spelling homework should be completed from their spelling list Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. Thursday nights, students should study and take a practice spelling test. Their assignments will be the same each week, and will be pasted on the inside cover of the spelling composition book. 

Monday  Write all words 3 times each
Tuesday  Write words, breaking them up into their syllables
Wednesday  Write all words in ABC order
Thursday Study words and take a practice test

Reading homework will most often be to read 20 minutes per night. I will not require a reading log, however students should still be reading often. On some occasions, there will be a sheet instead if there are skills that we need more work on. This will happen more often as we near testing in May. There will also be a book report project in the middle of the year that will be done at home.