Why Would I Want to Be in Mrs. Meacham's Class?
      Mrs. Nancy Meacham has taught preschool for more than 20 years.  She promotes a positive classroom where children are kind and learn how to work together. As a class, they interact and develop relationships where learning occurs.  Students feel safe in her classroom and learn through both play and through structure.
      Mrs. Meacham understands childhood development and provides instruction where students learn and continue to grow.  Her room is organized with different learning stations that are in sync with students' social, emotional, cognitive, and physical abilities. Students develop positive behaviors and high quality skills that will help them to be more successful in kindergarten.  They build on the awareness of the alphabet and word sounds. Nancy reads to the students which encourages listening and comprehension skills. They play number and sequencing games with matching, counting, and sorting to help build a strong math foundation.  Mrs. Meacham also provides parents with ideas for practice at home.

      Please select the links below to watch recommendations as well as some classroom experiences with Mrs. Meacham.

Ms. Pascal
Ms. Pascal (Spanish)        
Ms. Wilhelm
Ms. Daffron
The Stick Song
The Kindness Song
Strong Like a Tree       
Phonics Song
Art Class with Ms. Thoemke