apple and wormSeptember
Soon, we will take a field trip to Johnson's Orchards to study apple growing and apple products. Our trip is scheduled for September 28th.  More info will come soon. We will discuss Johnny Appleseed,how apples grow from seeds, and the fall season.

No school on Monday, September 3rd, as it is Labor Day.

We will finish our study of colors this month and we will celebrate RAINBOW DAY at the conclusion. Dress in all the colors of the rainbow.

I hope you can come to our P.T.A. Back to School Night on Sept. 20th to see all of the marvelous things the children have made. You may find some interesting visitors sitting in the children's chairs that

night !!

We will meet the Letter People this month. We will meet Miss A ("Achoo"), Mr. B ("Beautiful Buttons"), and Mr. C ("Cotton Candy").

Skills to work on this month include alphabet letter recognition and first name writing, using lower case letters.
Also, many children do not know how to tie their shoes. PLEASE help them practice this at home EVERY NIGHT!