In October, we will discuss fire safety at school and at home. I would like each family to review fire safety at home, check the batteries in your smoke decector,decide on a family meeting place outside your home (in case of a fire) and practice a fire drill. The Roanoke City Fire Department will also come to our class and present a puppet show on this subject.

In addition to fire safety, our other unit of study this month is Fall. Be on the lookout for signs of Fall.

Also in October, we will discuss Christopher Columbus. Please encourage your child to tell you about this historic figure. He is included in our kindergarten S.O.L.s. Ask your child to sing our song about him to you.

As you have seen, we've begun to practice writing our first names and we continue to meet new Letter People. This month, we will meet Mr. D ("Delicious Donuts"), Miss E ("Exercise") Mr. F ("Funny Feet"), Mr. G ("Gooey Gum") and Mr. H ("Horrible Hair"). Reinforce the recognition of these letters and their sounds.

In math, we are investigating patterns and creating our own. We are writing and counting from 0-10. Practice these skills at home.

We will begin counting by 5's as we count the pumpkin seeds inside a class pumpkin.

On Halloween, we will not have a party, and costumes are not allowed.

Our Pizza Hut "At Home" Reading Program begins this month.
Our field trip to the Raleigh Court Library and to Carvin's Cove are also this month.  Be on the lookout for more information.
No school on October 8 and two hour early dismissal on October 19.