happy thanksgiving

In November, we will study the letters Ii ("Incredible Inventor"), Jj ("Jingling Junk"), Kk ("Kicking Kicker") and Ll ("Lemon Lollipops"). We will review all of the letters studied and their sounds. We have begun to sound out the letters and put their sounds together to read words.
abc chart

 We participated in the City wide PALS testing program last month. PALS stands for Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening. The children will be retested in the Winter and Spring to show their progress.

We will begin our study of Native Americans and Thanksgiving. In November, a feast is planned. We will dress as Pilgrims and Indians. Come and join in our festivities !!!

Conference Day is scheduled this month. At this meeting, PALS results will be discussed, as well as student progress. Report cards were distributed earlier. Hope to see all parents on that day!

School will not be in session on November 21-23.
As Winter is just around the corner, please practice zipping, buttoning, and snapping those coats. 


Keep Reading for the Book It program.

dancing turkey