This month, we will continue reading in our first grade readers. I am so excited about the reading skills the children have developed ! Please encourage reading at home. This may include reading labels, highway signs, easy reader books, and flash cards. We will continue to practice new words from the word families and review words from the families already studied. PALS spring testing is this month.

In math, we are learning about addition and subtraction.

Nightly review of these important skills would be very beneficial.

Our journal writing is progressing wonderfully. The children are very excited about the sentences they they are learning to write.

On May 12th, we will go to Camp Bethel in Fincastle, Va. This is one of the children's favorite trips. The great outdoors will be our classroom that day, as we take a hike, learn about the environment, and have a picnic.

For the trip, please have your child wear his/her t-shirt, shorts/pants and tennis shoes.

On May 22nd, we will go to the Salem Red Sox ball game.  Please dress for the weather and tennis shoes are required.

Our last day of school will be June 1st (with a 2 hour early dismissal that day).
Report Cards will be sent home with the students on the last day of school.

Our annual craft/picnic/end of the year celebration will be on May 26th. I hope you can come and help us on this special day.
On May 30th, we will have our Awards Assembly at 8:00 a.m. in the cafeteria. Hope you can attend.

Thanks to all parents who donated or helped sew on our kindergarten quilt. It should be ready for its premiere sometime this month!

  Our unit of study this month is dinosaurs (always a kindergarten favorite)! We will examine fossils, learn about different dinosaurs, measure an Apatosaurus (did you know he was 70 feet from head to tail?), and discuss why the dinosaurs became extinct. At our craft day, we will stencil a dinosaur t-shirt for the children to take home.

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