Happy 2018!!

Make a resolution to read to your kindergartner every night and to record those books read on the January Pizza Hut Book It list.

This month, we will continue our study of the winter season and try to conduct some experiments using ice and snow.

We will concentrate on the letters Nn ("Noisy Nose"), Oo ("Optimistic"), and Pp ("Pointy Patches").

During our study of Mr. P, we will celebrate with a "P"Pizza and Pajama Party. Be on the lookout for a note about donations and food for this party.

Next month, during our study of Mr. Q , we will begin work on our kindergarten quilt. We need parent volunteers to help with this project, so let me know if you can join us. Quilts made by our past kindergarten classes are currently on display throughout the school.

We will continue reading three letter words and begin reading simple sentences. Practice sounding out letters and blending the sounds to make words at home.

In Math, we will continue our number practice through 100. We have been counting by 5's and 10's everyday, so extra drill on this at home would be beneficial.

We will not have school on January 21st. Can you believe that we are one half of the way through our year???

Report cards go home January 8th.

It is hard to believe that we have been in kindergarten for almost 100 days??? We will soon celebrate our 100th day of school either this month or next, depending on snow days. The children will bring 100 items to school. Certificates will be awarded for the most unusual, the heaviest, the lightest, the funniest 100 things, etc. We will estimate how long 100 cubes are, take 100 steps in the hall, eat a 100th day cake, and many, many more activities. Stop by and wish us "Happy 100th Day of School"! Be on the lookout for more info on this.