This month, we will study the letter Zz ("Zipping Zippers"). Our at-home reading program will continue. As we prepare for first grade, we will continue writing daily in a journal. The children are very excited about our preparation for first grade!

During April, our big event will take place...the wedding of Miss U and Mr. Q. Wedding invitations will be sent out and we hope all can attend this glorious occasion. This celebration will give us another opportunity to practice our good manners. Mrs. Harris will perform the ceremony and a grand reception will be held afterwards. Miss U and Mr. Q will not tell us where they plan to go on their honeymoon, but we suspect that it will be to Letter People Land! Miss U and Mr. Q are inseparable...whenever Mr. Q begins a word, Miss U is always by his side. Q and U are stuck like glue!

We will begin a unit on seeds, plants, and animals. We will study what a plant needs to grow and what changes we observe in the spring.

We'll learn about how a baby chick hatches out of its egg and how tadpoles change into frogs and caterpillars into butterflies.

In math, we will continue addition and begin subtraction. We will review telling time and money. Skip counting by 5's and 10's are practiced daily. Continue to practice counting from 1 to 100 at home.

Happy Spring!!!