Planner Every day including Friday.  Please look over your student's planner for assignments and notes from the teachers, then sign it. 

Signed papers Tuesdays:  Look for the blue vinyl folders every Tuesday for assignments completed by your student as well as information from the PTA.  Please sign the page inserted into the cover.

Reading Monday - Thursday:  Reading log.  Read for at least 15 minutes, write a two sentence summary, fill in the clock, have an adult sign the log.

Spelling  Monday - Thursday: the exact routine will be announced prior to the first assignment.  Go to (also on my links) for the week's spelling list. 

Writing Most writing assignments are completed in class.  If a student is about to miss an assignment deadline, he or she will finish the assignment for homework.

Vocabulary About once a week.  Create a vocabulary poster, which includes the word's definition and an illustration.  Use clear handwriting, and make big, colorful illustrations.

Science  Occasional make at home projects, and reviews prior to tests.

Math Assigned by Ms. Barnes.  There is usually an assignment Monday through Thursday.

Virginia Studies Assigned by Ms. Barnes.