SOL Testing Tips
Prior to the test:

Make sure that you get enough sleep and eat a healthy breakfast.

Be prepared. Work hard in class, complete your classwork and homework, and review the materials.

Relax. Your brain needs to be in a peaceful state to be able to do well.

Remind yourself this is a test that you have been prepared for and you can do it.

Keep a positive attitude. Visualize yourself taking the test, answering all of the questions easily and correctly.

During the test.

Take your seat at your desk or in front of the computer.

Listen to all the instructions your teacher(s) tell you, and wait for your teacher to tell you to begin the test.

Read each question carefully and entirely.

Read each answer choice carefully.

When reading large passages, highlight or underline important parts of the test.

Use your scratch paper to solve your problems.

Do NOT blindly guess if you do not know the answer....use the strategies that your teachers have taught you to eliminate incorrect answer choices.