Meet the Administrator

Josh Burton 

August 11, 2016

Summer is coming to a close…where did the time go?  I am truly excited to begin the new school year.  Our building operations staff has worked diligently throughout the summer making our school clean and beautiful.  I must say, if there were an award for “Best-Looking Elementary School”, Wasena would win it. 

As we start a new year, let’s remember how important it is for teachers and parents to work together to make our students successful.  We cannot do it without your support.  Here are a few tips to make sure your child is successful from August to June:

  • Start a routine.  There is nothing more important than establishing an afternoon, nighttime, and morning routine for our children.  Routines and procedures help children know what to expect, decrease discipline issues, and provide a stable, comforting environment at home.

  • Pediatricians recommend that elementary students get10-12 hours of sleep in order to learn effectively.  So if your child wakes up at 6:00AM, they should be in bed by 8:00PM.

  • Students must eat breakfast, even if they aren’t hungry or “don’t like to eat breakfast”. 

  • Create a homework space that is free from distractions and include necessary materials.  Call it something fun such as “Learning Zone” to peak interest.

  • Set aside a homework time.  It could be as soon as a student gets home to get it over with, or immediately after dinnertime to begin a bedtime routine.  Even if your child does not have homework, they should take 20 minutes to read, study, or complete some practice problem.  This goes back to routine-if children are trained to do it, they know what to expect and it becomes “second-nature”. 

 Wasena Allstars



July 1, 2016

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! I am both humbled and excited to take on this role as Principal of Wasena Elementary.  I first joined Roanoke City Schools in 2012 as vice principal of Lucy Addison Middle School.  In 2014, I became vice principal of James Madison Middle School.  Prior to coming to Roanoke City, I taught in Roanoke County Schools from 2005-2012, and Augusta County Schools for one year while earning a Master's degree from James Madison University (Go Dukes!). 


As a Roanoke native, I am aware that our school is the centerpiece of the Wasena community.  I look forward to working with teachers and parents to provide our students with high-quality instruction that is synonymous with Wasena Elementary School. 


Parents, please join our PTA and seek their help in identifying ways to become involved in our school.  Research shows that one of the most important factors in a child's success is the positive involvement of the parent in their child's education. Parents and educators must work together to help our students achieve their academic potential.

I am looking forward to continuing the strong academic culture and school pride that emanates from the Wasena community.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.