Preschoolers at Children's Square
Preschoolers at Children's Square
Posted on 12/12/2017
Mrs. Meacham's Preschool class traveled on their second of four different field trips to Children's Square which is inside of Center in the Square.  On this trip students were able to create a packet of cocoa and marshmallows to be taken home to enjoy later.  Students played in the "town" area where they could shop with a list to purchase items from Kroger.  They could also go into Grand furniture store to enjoy a pretend Coca-cola and browse the furniture.  A veterinary office was available to check stuffed animals who were not feeling well.  Carilion Hospital was setup with a replica of an ambulance and model to monitor on the pretend trip to the hospital. There was also an area for an MRI, pulse monitor, nursery, and other facets of a hospital.  The town also had a Miracle Ear hearing center to learn more about the ear and the Blue Ridge Dental Group had an office to learn more about tooth care.  Cox Communications contributed a desk and chairs with a couple of microphones for students and also a video camera that zooms in on the subjects creating a pretend broadcast.  Students could also go into HomeTown Bank and pretend to make banking transactions.  The square provided cars and other forms of transportation for students practice their driving skills.  This is only one area of Children's Square.  There is also a "forest area" for children to play in a rubber mulch pit.  A climbing area, camper, snow blowing, and a lot of other activities to do outside in the forest.  There were other areas that we didn't get to visit on this trip, but I am sure they will see in the future.
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child driving a replica of an ambulance child brushing a large tooth child driving a toy car